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First newsletter of 2017

Ippodo Mail (No. 10): First newsletter of 2017
Happy New Year! As we celebrate the beginning of 2017, we are already working on a number of new ideas for the Online Shop. We look forward to serving you, and will do our best to make sure that you enjoy each of your visits throughout the coming year. This first newsletter of 2017 features special New Year's tea products that are only available until January 15th.


Obukucha (Good Fortune Tea) 200g Bag

Obukucha (Good Fortune Tea)
200g Bag ¥1,000

Obukucha is a genmaicha made especially for the New Year period that is still available until January 15th. We want to thank all of our customers who have added it to their daily tea-drinking repertoire. It will only be available a little while longer, so if you haven't tried it yet, you still have the opportunity. Enjoy Obukucha during teatime and see why so many people like it!

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Black Ippodo Tea Canister (Large)

Black Ippodo Tea Canister (Large)

This canister comes adorned with beautiful Japanese calligraphy in gold stating "fine tea," signifying that it is for storing select Ippodo tea. Just as it is important to pay attention to how you prepare tea, it is also very important to be careful how you store the tea leaves. Japanese tea leaves must be stored away from air, humidity, sunlight, and strong odors. Unlike the regular tea canisters that hold our canned tea products, this specially-made tea canister is designed with a particularly high level of air-tightness to better protect premium tea leaves. It is also important to keep in mind, however, that tea leaves have a lifespan. No matter how well you store them, they will still age over time. So remember to use them up before their "Best Before" date.

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Special New Year's Miyako-no-tori Matcha

Special New Year's Miyako-no-tori Matcha

Welcome in the New Year with Miyako-no-tori, our special New Year's matcha for 2017! (Available until January 15th.) It possesses a unique taste unlike our other matcha sold throughout the year. Its smooth flavor will turn your teatime into a luxurious treat. Take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy this limited time offer!

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Tin tea canister engraved with Ippodo seal (Small)

Tin tea canister engraved with Ippodo seal (Small)

The perfect size for storing matcha, this tea canister allows you to enjoy watching how its patina changes over time. Somewhat like how leather gradually softens with time, over the course of years of use, the silver color of its surface will gradually develop a textured black hue. As tin oxidizes and changes color slower than copper, this tin canister allows you to enjoy its metallic look longer. It takes 80 years to fully develop the black hue, which gives plenty of time to witness the transformation. Enjoy holding it in your hands, because each time you use the canister to store or prepare matcha, the oils in your hand will help the rich hue to develop.

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We hope you continue to enjoy Japanese tea and make it an integral part of your life in 2017.


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