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Ippodo Mail (No. 14):
Getting the Most Flavor from Japanese tea!

Life offers us many opportunities to enjoy food, tea, and other beverages, but we should savor each opportunity and not take them for granted. Therefore, flavor counts. Here are some Japanese teas and utensils that play the role of supporting actor in the everyday enjoyment of delicious Japanese tea, and help maximize flavor and ease.


Tea wherever you go--Travel Flask

Tea wherever you go
Travel Flask

When we meet people who have more than one travel flask, we often ask how they use them. Many office workers reply that they use separate travel flasks for coffee and tea. They take two flasks with them in the morning in their bag, and drink from them while at work, choosing between the two depending on how they feel. The best feature of the Ippodo travel flask is that it allows you to maintain Japanese tea at an appropriate temperature when you carry it around with you, keeping hot tea hot, and cold tea cold all day. Check out this webpage describing some of the different ways you can use a travel flask, and suggestions for choosing Japanese tea that goes well with it.

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Ippodo Gift Box

Ippodo Gift Box

Some gifts need to be very formal, and packaged in a way that is very prim and proper, while others are meant to convey a more casual, relaxed feel. We created the Ippodo Gift Box to be used in the latter situation. We received a very positive response to the three sets we made available with this Gift Box during last holiday season, and have now added three new sets -- a Matcha Variety Set, an Assortment of Low-Caffeine Teas, and an Assortment of Seasonal Teas including Nodoka Matcha. Choose the Japanese tea that suits your situation and mood.

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Assorted Teabag Gift Set

Assorted Teabag Gift Set

For us at Ippodo, it is of tantamount importance that Japanese tea be delicious. That applies regardless of whether it is prepared with a kyusu or not. Teabags are very convenient because they allow you to enjoy Japanese tea without needing a teapot and, as such, are highly recommended for people who are travelling, whether for business or for pleasure. We have put a lot of research into developing our teabags to ensure the flavor of the tea leaves is extracted properly. Teabags are also a stress-free gift without the worry of whether or not the recipient has a kyusu teapot. This Assorted Teabag Gift Set set comes in an attractive package designed to be given as a gift.

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In addition to providing delicious Japanese tea, we are continually updating our website to ensure that the process of selecting teas is also enjoyable. We look forward to any feedback you may have!


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