Last Chance for Teas in Limited Time Offer Packaging

Ippodo Mail (No. 16):
Last Chance for Teas in Limited Time Offer Packaging

Are you curious to try a new tea, but unsure about committing to a large quantity? For a very limited time, we are offering these special packages perfect for sampling a variety of tastes. And if you find a tea that you particularly like, our standard sizes are always available.


One-Pot Teabag Gyokuro

One-Pot Teabag Gyokuro (Available to March 15)

These one-pot teabags make it easy to prepare gyokuro in a large mug, travel flask, pitcher, or kyusu teapot. Because you're using a teabag, disposing of the leaves is simple, too. If you try this tea and become a fan, we recommend the Tekiro 100g Bag of loose tea for your next order of gyokuro.

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Tekiro 30g Bag (Available to March 15)

Tekiro 30g Bag
(Available to March 15)

The standard package for Tekiro gyokuro is a 100g bag with enough tea to prepare about 10 kyusu servings. If you would like to try a smaller amount first, this 30g package is a convenient choice, providing about 3 kyusu servings. Sipping gyokuro leaves a mellow impression, ideal for relaxing times, such as when you are reading a book.

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Hosen 30g Bag (Available to March 15)

Hosen 30g Bag
(Available to March 15)

Hosen sencha invigorates the palate, leaving you feeling refreshed. This small 30g bag, sufficient for 3 kyusu servings, would be a delightful token of affection for a friend. And if it's a hit, the standard Hosen 100g Bag is, of course, available.

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Assortment of Low-Caffeine Teas

Assortment of Low-Caffeine Teas

This is a selection of teas that produce magnificent aromas: comforting genmaicha, smoky iribancha, distinctive hojicha, and gentle mugicha. As soon as you prepare the tea, its aroma envelops you and begins the relaxing experience before you even take a sip. And since they are all low on caffeine, you can drink them at any time of the day.

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Gyokuro and sencha are invigorating-- with the energy boost of the young tea shoots seems to give me a boost. In contrast, Genmaicha and Hojicha are ideal when it's time to relax. But everyone has their own preferences for when to drink each sort of tea, so there's no need to stick to particular times or occasions.


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