Teas for Beginners to Japanese Tea

Ippodo Mail (No. 18): Teas for Beginners to Japanese Tea
There is such a rich variety of Japanese tea that it can be difficult to know which to choose. Today we pick out a few teas that are ideal for Japanese tea beginners.


Family Assortment

Family Assortment

When you plan to give Japanese tea as a present to a family, this assortment is a good choice if you haven't fixed on a particular tea. We selected teas that please a wide range of people so that both children and adults can enjoy the tea together. All the teas have enticing aromas, and the Uji Shimizu combination of matcha powder and granulated sugar is a children's favorite, prepared simply by mixing it with milk or with hot or iced water.

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Teabag Set (30-bag assortment)

Teabag Set
(30-bag assortment)

This assortment includes three types of teabags--gyokuro, sencha, and hojicha--and is a great introduction to the variety of Japanese green tea as well as to the flavor of Ippodo tea. These teabags make it easy to prepare a cup of authentic Japanese tea whenever and wherever you want.

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Premium Select Matcha

Premium Select Matcha
20g Can ¥3,000

A creamy and silky-smooth matcha we recommend for drinking as thick koicha. This particular tea is only produced in very small amounts, so please place your order before stocks run out.

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Japanese tea is a wonderful treat for a rewarding and satisfying tea time. Whichever tea you choose is sure to enrich the time you set aside to drink it.


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