Shincha now on sale!

Ippodo Mail (Announcement): Shincha now on sale!
Ippodo is ready to begin shipping 2017 shincha. April had several cold days this year, and the buds took a little longer than usual. But after enduring the cold, the buds eventually burst out--lush green, full of vigor and pointing to the sky. Now's the time to try the wonderful freshness of this year's shincha!

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Assortment of Early Summer (incl. Shincha)

Assortment of Early Summer (incl. Shincha)

This two-piece set of Kimura Glass teacups is the perfect choice for enjoying shincha, as each glass is designed to best savor the taste, as well as the aroma, of Japanese tea.

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Shincha makes May exciting! It's great for tuning in with nature at a time when fresh greenery is springing up all around.


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