Get Shincha While It Lasts!

Ippodo Mail (No. 26): Get Shincha While It Lasts!
This year's shincha possesses a very pleasant contrast of subtle bitterness and sweetness. Shincha, which has a fresh, verdant fragrance and flavors that are wonderful but fleeting, is only available for about two months out of the year. Shincha sales come to an end in June, so don't miss this opportunity to enjoy this special sencha tea.

2017 Uji Shincha 50g Bag

2017 Uji Shincha 50g Bag

Drink shincha and enjoy the fruits of the earth! This bag gives you five kyusu teapots' worth of delicious shincha.

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Kimura Glass Type T

Kimura Glass Type T

The mere sight of ice-cold shincha being poured into this delicate, transparent glass teacup creates an exquisitely elegant ambience.

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It is such a blessing to be able to relax and savor delicious flavors while they're in season.


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