Japanese Teas for Summertime Sipping

Ippodo Mail (No. 27): Japanese Teas for Summertime Sipping
Japan's short rainy season has already begun, and when it finishes, the full heat of summer will hit us. Now we are preparing for this mid-summer weather, and wanted to share teas perfect for drinking ice-cold.


Iced teas

Make ice-cold Japanese tea!

Here is a selection of teas that taste wonderful cold, ranging from mildly-flavored teas that you'll want to drink all day, to mellow teas with a rich sweetness.

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Summer gifts

Summer Gifts

With this selection of 10 great summer gifts, you can choose the one that best suits that special person. Each shows that you care, and that even the hottest days can be made more pleasant by drinking Japanese tea.

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Refresh yourself with ice-cold green tea!


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