Gyokuro Teabags Join the One-Pot Teabag Collection

Ippodo Mail (No. 28): Gyokuro Teabags Join the One-Pot Teabag Collection
Teabags containing enough gyokuro to make a full pot of tea first debuted in August 2016. After offering these One-Pot Teabag Gyokuro for a limited time that summer, we are now adding it to our standard line-up. You can easily make gyokuro with either hot or cold water. If you've not done so already, this is a simple way to make gyokuro part of your everyday tea-drinking life.

One-Pot Teabag Gyokuro

One-Pot Teabag Gyokuro (joins the standard line-up on June 16)

If you've always wanted to try gyokuro, but prefer teabags, now is your chance. These teabags were very popular last summer, so we've made them a regular product. Just drop a teabag into cold or hot water, and you're set!

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Assortment for Making Five Ice-cold Teas

Assortment for Making Five Ice-cold Teas (Includes One-Pot Teabag Gyokuro)

This assortment contains five teas that are all great for drinking ice-cold. Ice-cold gyokuro and sencha are especially refreshing on hot days.

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Let ice-cold and great-tasting tea bring a smile to your face!


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