Teas for staying well hydrated

Ippodo Mail (No. 29): Teas for staying well hydrated
July is Gion Festival month in Kyoto, and also when the hot summer days arrive. Here are some great teas that really satisfy when you're feeling particularly parched.

Sencha Hosen 100g Bag

Sencha Hosen 100g Bag

When you prepare tea with a kyusu, you can repeat the process, making a second and third pot of tea, or even more, using the same 10 grams of tea leaves. Have you ever thought of mixing the three pots-worth of tea together to enjoy a large amount all at once? It's a wonderful way to use your usual teapot to make plenty of tea for staying hydrated in summer.

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Gokujo Hojicha (Roasted Tea) Extra-Large Can w / box

Gokujo Hojicha (Roasted Tea) Extra-Large Can w / box

When you drink a lot of tea, you need to have a lot of tea leaves on hand. For those times, how about considering premium hojicha in an extra-large can? Hojicha, with its distinctive aroma, is delicious both hot and ice-cold. It also makes a delightful gift.

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Refresh yourself all summer long with delicious ice-cold Japanese tea!


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