Summer Matcha

Ippodo Mail (No. 30): Summer Matcha
On a hot day, iced matcha is a great way to both cool down and feel energized. It's an essential tea for summer, and easy to prepare either with cold water, or with hot water and then cooled with ice.

Matcha Sayaka-no-mukashi 40g Can

Matcha Sayaka-no-mukashi 40g Can

This is a smooth matcha with full-bodied umami and elegant flavor ideal for relaxed teatimes when you have time to really savor the experience. Float ice in your tea, and enjoy the luxury.

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Matcha Variety Set

Matcha Variety Set

This set includes all the utensils you need to prepare matcha, apart from a tea bowl. If you don't have a traditional bowl, a large mug, a cafe au lait bowl, or any bowl large enough for using a whisk works just fine.

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Matcha can be enjoyed every day, all year round, no matter the season.


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