Ippodo Mail (No. 41): Enjoy Japanese Tea While Reading

Ippodo Mail (No. 41): Enjoy Japanese Tea While Reading
Some things just go so well together like snuggling up with a good book and warm cup of tea. Fill your favorite teacup or mug with delicious Japanese tea, relax, and escape into your story while savoring the heavenly fragrance that rises into the air. The following items are great for enjoying solo reading and teatime.

Sencha Kaboku

Sencha Kaboku
100g Bag ¥2,500

Kaboku is a refreshing sencha that possesses a sweetness and pleasant aftertaste unique to Japanese tea. Enhance the experience further by enjoying Kaboku with tasty sweets.

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Assortment of Low-Caffeine Teas

Assortment of Low-Caffeine Teas

This set contains teabags of fragrant Japanese teas--mugicha, genmaicha, hojicha, and iribancha, the distinctive bancha of Kyoto with a smoky aroma -- that are low in caffeine and perfect for relaxation.

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Ocha no Aji

Ocha no Aji (book)

In this charming book, Miyako Watanabe of Ippodo describes how to enjoy Japanese tea and shares lovely vignettes about everyday life in Kyoto. (Only available in Japanese.)

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We hope these items will help you to relax and enjoy your much-deserved down time.


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