New products in 2017

Ippodo Mail (No. 42): Winter Gifts and New Products
This winter season we are excited to introduce four new products--a travel flask and new tea products packaged in elegant tins--available on our winter gifts webpage.

New products in 2017
New products in 2017 include: a chic navy blue travel flask boasting the image of a tea jar in silver, Tekiro gyokuro packaged in a vibrant yellow can, which can be prepared quickly with boiling hot water, and teabags in attractive cans, as well.

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Winter gifts

Winter gifts
We have carefully selected items that would make wonderful winter gifts this season, including sets ideal for everyday use and those enjoyed on special occasions.

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In the month of November, people often start to feel the stress of the upcoming holidays. Take the time to relax with delicious Japanese tea.


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