Ippodo Mail (No. 51): Special Spring Matcha, Nodoka, is now on sale!

Ippodo Mail (No. 51): Special Spring Matcha, Nodoka, is now on sale!
Nodoka is our special spring matcha that goes on sale this time every year in celebration of the coming spring. Packaged in coloring reminiscent of cherry blossoms to evoke the season of new life, Nodoka makes a wonderful present and its name is Japanese for "peace" or "serenity".

Nodoka matcha tastes delicious on its own, and also pairs extremely well with both Japanese and Western sweets. Possessing a hint of astringency, it complements the sweetness of confections nicely. Next time you sit down for a treat, enjoy it with Nodoka matcha.

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Tea with sweets

Tea with sweets
Check out this webpage when you want to decide how to pair tea and sweets. Do you have any favorite desserts? Let the adorable panda guide your decision with lots of helpful hints.

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Enjoy spring teatime with our delicious Nodoka matcha, available until April 30th.


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