Ippodo Mail (No. 59) New Item: 50 Teabag Packs

New Item: 50 Teabag Packs
Teabags have long been a favorite for an unfussy and quick way to prepare a cup of tea. For Ippodo's teabags, the spacious pyramid shape of each bag holds the secret to the authentic flavor of Japanese green tea it brews every time, as it allows the tea leaves to expand. This week, we introduce a new teabag package, sencha in larger size teabags, and a set with Shincha, the new harvest of sencha.

New Release: One-cup Teabag Sencha (50 bags)

Welcome our newest addition to the teabag lineup: the 50 teabag size package. Inside this convenient bag, each teabag is unwrapped with no unneeded extra packaging, making it easy to share at home or at work. Available in three classic varieties: hojicha, sencha, and gyokuro. Only sold on our online store, this 50 bag package comes with a re-sealable zipper, to keep the tea’s aroma fresh in between teatimes.

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One-Pot Teabags Kuki Sencha

One-Pot Teabags Kuki Sencha

For those looking to brew more than a small serving at a time, we offer a larger size kuki (stems) sencha teabag made for approximately 300 ml (10 oz.). These One-Pot Teabags of course work well brewed directly in a teapot, but they also brew easily in larger mugs, travel flasks, and pitchers. Available in a re-sealable bag for convenience.

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(Discounted Reservation Price) Shincha and Ivory Kyusu Teapot Set

(Discounted Reservation Price) Shincha and Ivory Kyusu Teapot Set

As we approach the release of Shincha, our new harvest of sencha tea, we are taking reservations at a discounted price. This Shincha and Ivory Kyusu teapot set is perfect for those serious about loose leaf tea. Reserve this set to ensure you enjoy this year's Shincha at its fullest, sweetest potential, by brewing it loose in a quality Japanese teapot. This Ivory Kyusu teapot also happens to also be the perfect 300 ml (10 oz.) size for the One-Pot Teabags featured above.

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Turn to teabags this spring for easy tea, anytime.


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