New Release Special Edition: Shincha Gift Envelope

New Release Special Edition: Shincha Gift Envelope
Released just over a week ago, this year's Shincha--first harvest sencha with a flavor and aroma individual to each year--has been a delight to enjoy with friends and family, brewing it both hot and cold at tea time. Now it's time to think about how to share the gift of Shincha with those around us who haven't yet had a chance to taste the delight of this season's tea.

New release: Shincha 50g Bag packaged in an attractive gift envelope ¥1,100
The Shincha 50g Bag specially-designed gift envelope makes for a lovely small gift, for neighbors, relatives, teachers, distant friends, hair stylists, or just about anyone else you can think of giving thanks to. Why not bring a few to the next family gathering, wedding, or dinner party you attend as a warm gesture, a gift of the season?

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Shincha and Ummon-no-mukashi matcha gift set

Shincha and Ummon-no-mukashi matcha gift set

For gift occasions that require a more deliberate, but not too over-the-top present, consider the Shincha Small Can and Ummon no mukashi matcha set. Wrapped using washi (Japanese paper) in a gift box, this set pairs Ummon-no-mukashi matcha, an umami-thick grade with a resplendent aftertaste, with this season's Shincha in a 104 gram size can.

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Shincha makes for a thoughtful seasonal gift, as it is only available for the short time after it has been harvested.


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