Asked and Answered Vol. 3: Sifting Matcha Powder

Why are there lumps in my matcha?
Matcha is really just pure tea leaves that have been dried and stone-ground into a fine powder. This powder tends to naturally form clumps due to static electricity, so there is nothing to worry about if your powder has these clumps. If you add water to this powder and whisk it as-is, the matcha drink will end up with some clumps left in it.

Why should I use a strainer when I make matcha?
This ensures that your matcha drink ends up smooth and tasty, with no lumps. Use a tea strainer or a special matcha furui to sift the powder before adding water and whisking.


Original Ippodo Tea Strainer

Original Ippodo Tea Strainer
Use this convenient tea strainer to sift the matcha powder directly into your bowl or mug.

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Matcha Sieve

Matcha Sieve
A traditional furui, or matcha sieve, is used to sift a large quantity of powder at once.

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Fall-Limited Matcha Tsukikage

Fall-Limited Matcha Tsukikage
Practice sifting with our vibrant fall matcha, Tsukikage.

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* Sifting adds less than 30 seconds to your matcha preparation time.

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