Sencha Kaboku x Banko-yaki Kyusu

Autumn teas and teapots
October is in full swing, and that means we're brewing pots of hot tea to sip over afternoons at home with cookies and snacks. For two ideas of teas to match the season, and the pots to brew them with, read on!

Sencha Kaboku x Banko-yaki Kyusu
This refined kyusu teapot makes it easy to bring out a classic, fuller flavor from the most popular type of Japanese green tea, sencha. Brew a cup of Kaboku, our sencha with the most depth and the longest finish. Then, sit down with something to read and enjoy a relaxing fall afternoon.

> Sencha Kaboku

> Banko-yaki Kyusu

One-pot Teabag Hojicha x Glass Teapot

One-pot Teabag Hojicha x Glass Teapot
Our just-released glass teapot looks beautiful with our large size One-pot Teabags. Hojicha is a green tea that has been roasted, leading to an orange-red color, and an aroma that reminds us of a campfire or of autumn leaves. Brew it piping hot and serve for two or three.

> One-pot Teabag Hojicha

> Glass Teapot

As the seasons change, so should your teas. Enjoy our fall offerings to make the most of the autumn season.

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