Ippodo presents: Japanese tea workshops

Want to know what real Japanese tea tastes like?
Or how Ippodo’s various teas differ?
Come to an in-depth Ippodo Japanese tea workshop to experience their actual aromas, colors, and flavors.

Price: 3,000 yen + tax per person

1. Tasting the four types of Japanese tea:
matcha, gyokuro, sencha, and bancha
2. Tasting the difference between grades of the same type of Japanese tea
3. How to store your tea
4. Q&A

*Hands-on experience preparing tea is available as an option
(2,000 yen + tax. Request this option when reserving a place at the workshop.)

Capacity: 10
*The workshop may be postponed if there are insufficient participants.

Reservations: Please reserve your place in the workshop by email. The deadline for reservations is on the Thursday preceding the workshop each month.

Email contact:

Place: Ippodo Kyoto Main Store
Next workshop:
11:10 AM to 12:00 PM on Thursday, March 14th
Upcoming workshop:
11:10 AM to 12:00 PM on Thursday, April 11th

Place: Ippodo Tokyo Marunouchi Store
Next workshop:
11:10 AM to 12:00 PM on Thursday, February 21st
Upcoming workshop:
11:10 AM to 12:00 PM on Thursday, March 21st

Now available: Special Spring Matcha Nodoka

Our limited seasonal matcha called Nodoka is available only in spring, from now until April 30th.
* The word “Nodoka” is a Japanese word that means “tranquil,” which is exactly how we feel when we sit down for matcha in the late afternoon.

Nodoka is the perfect matcha to accompany your spring time quiet moments. Tasty as either usucha (thin matcha), or as koicha (thick matcha), this accessible matcha is loved for its smooth taste and its long, full finish. Of course, you can also make Nodoka as a latte, matcha affogato (koicha poured over ice cream), or pair it with cakes, cookies, and Japanese sweets like mochi.

We also recommend Nodoka, with its understated pink package, for spring occasions that call for a little gift.

【Sale period】 February 1st~April 30th

Ippodo Online Shop
Kyoto Main Store
Tokyo Marunouchi Store
Ippodo New York

Ippodo New York will be closed Jan. 27- Feb. 4

Next week, Sunday, January 27th, through Monday, February 4th, Ippodo New York will be closed to take our annual winter holiday. We apologize for the short notice and for the inconvenience. Please make your plans accordingly. We look forward to reopening for business on Tuesday, February 5th.

Announcement: All stores resume regular hours

From today January 4th, 2019, our Kyoto main store opens for the first time in 2019. Now all Ippodo locations in Japan and our New York store have resumed regular hours.

After the short New Year’s holiday, we look forward to serving you during the course of this year, 2019.

Announcement: Now accepting applications for employment

Job title Full Time Sales Staff
Job description Spreading the joy of Japanese tea through service, sales, customer interaction, and etc. at Ippodo Tea’s original location in the heart of Kyoto.
Location Kyoto Main Store: Kyoto, Japan
Hours Between 8:30-19:00 (8 hour shifts)
Days off 111 general days off per year (including weekends)
Plus: Paid vacation days, Maternity/ Paternity leave, Child rearing, Family emergencies
Salary From 200,000 yen per month~
(In consideration of age and experience, and according to our policies on starting salary)
*For the first three months, pay will be at 90%
Compensations Pay raise (annual), Bonuses (Once each in June and December), Commuting fees (covered in full), Overtime pay, Various social insurance (covered in full), Pension, Health check-ups, Uniform fees, Employee discount, Further education fees, and etc.
Able to work in Kyoto.
Interest in Japanese tea.
Interest and enjoyment in interacting with customers.
High-level Japanese ability (Japanese Language Placement Test level N2 or equivalent)
High-level English ability
Contact information:
Head of Recruitment, Ippodo Tea Co.
In the subject line, please write ”Kyoto Main Store Job Application”.

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