Mother’s Day gift ideas

Mother's Day

It’s that time of year when we express our thanks and love to our mothers. So we’ve selected the following items we thought would make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts.

Check out this webpage featuring six Mother’s Day gift ideas.

2017 Shincha Now Accepting Pre-Orders!

2017 Shincha  Now Accepting Pre-Orders!

Shincha—sencha from the first flush of leaves—is only available for about two months. For the first time ever, Ippodo’s Online Shop is accepting pre-orders for shincha, so that the increasing number of tea lovers outside Japan have the chance to secure their supply of 2017 shincha before its on-sale date, which is expected to be in mid-May.

Special confection at Ippodo Tea, New York

Sakamushi Fu Manju–Fu Manju with sake kasu kneaded into namafu, surrounding a cream of sweetened red beans

Price: Sakamushi Fu Manju: $3.00 + tax
On sale: March 23–March 25, 2017 (12:00 PM – last order at 3:00 PM)

Fu Manju–Namafu manju made by Fuka, the Kyoto namafu specialist

Sake Kasu–Lees from the production of high-grade Junmai Daiginjo sake by Kyoto brewer Yamamoto Honke


Ippodo Tea, New York

Premium Select Matcha Now Available in Limited Supplies

Including our seasonal teas, Ippodo offers approximately forty different blends or types of Japanese tea.
For each of those forty Ippodo teas we blend a variety of leaves, carefully and personally selected by Ippodo’s owner, to produce the same distinctive taste from year to year. Even though tea is only harvested once a year and the leaves are never exactly the same, Ippodo’s expertise in selection and blending techniques ensure the consistency of flavor that our costumers come to expect, and this approach is the key to our long-lasting and ongoing success. Once you discover an Ippodo tea that you really like, you can stick with it and always enjoy the same flavor.

The differences in prices between Ippodo teas do not indicate quality levels; they are the result of differences in flavor. One of the main points to consider when choosing a tea is the situation in which you plan to drink it. Teas with higher prices tend to have flavors that linger for longer on the palate, exuding a presence appropriate for a tea that plays a major role in an event. Conversely, teas with lower prices have a lighter aftertaste, making them more flexible and appropriate for every day drinking.

This Premium Select Matcha is a rare tea produced in quantities that are too small to market year-round. It has a different character from the ten types of matcha that we regularly stock, and its high price point indicates that it has the presence required for taking a leading role as the elegant impression it gives is unequalled. The best way to savor this tea to the full is as koicha (thick matcha), adding only enough water to blend the powder into a smooth paste. If you are interested in exploring the different flavors of matcha, we recommend giving this special tea a try. When you do, make sure to take a moment to focus your mind before enjoying, so that you don’t miss any of the delights of this wonderful matcha’s flavor and aroma.

>Premium Select Matcha 20g Can

Nodoka Special Spring Matcha now on sale!

Ippodo is offering a special, limited seasonal offer, premium matcha called Nodoka that is a perfect way to welcome in the spring, available only in spring until April 30.
* The word “Nodoka” reminds the Japanese of warm and peaceful spring time.

Nodoka is the perfect matcha for adding to your spring teatime menu. Prepare and enjoy it either as refreshing usucha (thin matcha), or as koicha (thick matcha) to bring out the full force of Nodoka’s flavor and aroma. Alternatively, you can try variations, such as making a Nodoka latte with milk, soy milk, or almond milk.
A great matcha for bringing out the atmosphere of spring, Nodoka goes well with both Japanese and Western confections.

We highly recommend it for people drinking or preparing matcha for the first time. Get it for your own personal enjoyment, or give it as a gift.

>Special Spring Matcha Nodoka 20g Box

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