A Collection of Teas for Mother’s Day

For Japan and countries around the world, Mother’s Day is a little under a month away. This year we prepare to celebrate our mothers on the 13th of May. In this special featured items page, we have prepared some suggestions that are sure to delight.

Our first recommendation is a tea set with three varieties, including matcha, hojicha, and genmaicha. These three are popular with most people that try them, even for the first time. In a nice gift box, this set makes for a quaint little Mother’s Day token of thanks.

Next, selections for the mother who loves matcha tea. Our popular Ummon-no-mukashi matcha variety, the year-round highest grade of our selection, delivers a thick, but sweet flavor that matcha fans adore. Or, if Mom loves matcha tea, but doesn’t have to right tools to try making it herself yet, we recommend our matcha starter kit, Hajime-no-Ippodo.

Perhaps Mom is always on the go? We recommend either the original Ippodo design travel flask, or the 30 bag assortment set of teabags for busy mothers.

Maybe Mom would rather relax at home with her tea? In that case, we recommend our classic Japanese teapot, Ivory Kyusu. The Ivory Kyusu teapot is lightweight and great for those who are new to Japanese brewing methods.

Whatever your choice, our top recommendation is to spend some time enjoying tea with Mom on this special occasion.

New on the Online Shop: Trial Size Packages

On the Online Shop Featured Items page, we have recently put together a new collection of small, trial size package items. For those looking to try different varieties of Japanese tea, these teas are great as a little extra something to add to your next tea purchase. They also make for simple gifts.

We have split our recommendations on the page into two categories. On the top, you will find teas for a delightful tea time or an indulgent “me time.” These teas, including a sencha, two gyokuros, and a matcha, all have a satisfying flavor that would stand on its own or pair well with something a little sweet.

On the second half of the list, you will find teas that we describe as refreshing. These teas all have a lighter, quaffable, and clean flavor. Here we have small sizes of our matcha-sugar blend (Uji-shimizu), roasted rice tea (genmaicha), roasted leaf tea (hojicha), and a variety set of teabags.

You can find the full list at the link below.

Ippodo presents: Japanese tea workshops

Want to know what real Japanese tea tastes like?
Or how Ippodo’s various teas differ?
Come to an in-depth Ippodo Japanese tea workshop to experience their actual aromas, colors, and flavors.

Price: 3,000 yen + tax per person

1. Tasting the four types of Japanese tea:
  matcha, gyokuro, sencha, and bancha
2. Tasting the difference between grades of the same type of Japanese tea
3. How to store your tea
4. Q&A

*Hands-on experience preparing tea is available as an option
(2,000 yen + tax. Request this option when reserving a place at the workshop.)

Capacity: 10
*The workshop may be postponed if there are insufficient participants.

Reservations: Please reserve your place in the workshop by email. The deadline for reservations is on the Thursday preceding the workshop each month.

Email contact:

Place: Ippodo Kyoto Main Store
Time & date: 9:30 AM to 10:20 AM on Monday, May 14th
Upcoming workshops:
9:30 AM to 10:20 AM on Monday, June 11th
9:30 AM to 10:20 AM on Monday, July 9th
Place: Ippodo Tokyo Marunouchi Store
Time & date: 11:00 AM to 11:50 AM on Thursday, April 26th
Upcoming workshops:
11:00 AM to 11:50 AM on Thursday, May 24th
11:00 AM to 11:50 AM on Thursday, June 28th

2018 Shincha Now Accepting Pre-Orders!

2018 Shincha Now Accepting Pre-Orders!

Shincha—sencha from the first flush of leaves—is only available for about two months, right after it is harvested. Ippodo’s Online Shop is now accepting pre-orders for shincha at a discount, so that tea lovers outside Japan also have the chance to secure their supply of 2018 shincha before its on-sale date, which is expected to be in mid-May.

Premium Select Matcha Now Available in Limited Supplies

Including our seasonal teas, Ippodo offers approximately forty different blends or types of Japanese tea.
For each of those forty Ippodo teas we blend a variety of leaves, carefully and personally selected by Ippodo’s owner, to produce the same distinctive taste from year to year. Even though tea is only harvested once a year and the leaves are never exactly the same, Ippodo’s expertise in selection and blending techniques ensure the consistency of flavor that our costumers come to expect, and this approach is the key to our long-lasting and ongoing success. Once you discover an Ippodo tea that you really like, you can stick with it and always enjoy the same flavor.

The differences in prices between Ippodo teas do not indicate quality levels; they are the result of differences in flavor. One of the main points to consider when choosing a tea is the situation in which you plan to drink it. Teas with higher prices tend to have flavors that linger for longer on the palate, exuding a presence appropriate for a tea that plays a major role in an event. Conversely, teas with lower prices have a lighter aftertaste, making them more flexible and appropriate for every day drinking.

This Premium Select Matcha is a rare tea produced in quantities that are too small to market year-round. It has a different character from the ten types of matcha that we regularly stock, and its high price point indicates that it has the presence required for taking a leading role as the elegant impression it gives is unequalled. The best way to savor this tea to the full is as koicha (thick matcha), adding only enough water to blend the powder into a smooth paste. If you are interested in exploring the different flavors of matcha, we recommend giving this special tea a try. When you do, make sure to take a moment to focus your mind before enjoying, so that you don’t miss any of the delights of this wonderful matcha’s flavor and aroma.

>Premium Select Matcha 20g Can

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