New on the Online Shop: Vacations and Getaways

View our newest page featuring teas easy to bring with on a vacation. All these teas are simple to brew wherever your destination, be it a hotel room, a beach resort, a vacation home, a cruise, or a cabin on a lake.

Once you arrive, relax in the shade with a pitcher of cold-brewed gyokuro, using large-portion teabags. Or, pour the same tea into wine glasses for an aromatic tea with dinner.

Matcha lovers, you don’t need to take a vacation from your favorite tea while on holiday. Our suggested matcha, Kan-no-shiro, can be made cold easily in a mug or a travel flask.

If you are planning a vacation with a group, a large can of mugicha teabags is convenient. Make a pitcher of this sweet, roasted barley tea for the refrigerator, and with everyone coming and going it might not last a full day.

Your getaway will be extra-special with one of these or the other Japanese teas at the link.

New on the Online Shop: Make ice-cold Japanese tea!

Just in time for the hotter summer months, we have updated our online shop page focused on brewing cold tea. Enjoy a deep, rich flavor when cold-brewing tea. Or, brew the tea hot first and pour over ice for a refreshing, aromatic character.

Whichever way you prefer, there is a method for brewing cold tea for every type of Japanese green tea, including matcha, so click the link for videos, instructions, and recommended teas to get started.

Shincha 2018 Now on Sale!

2018 Shincha now on sale!

Shincha 2018 is now in stock, processed and ready to ship, and we are already sending out orders to those who made their reservations.

This spring in the tea fields surrounding Kyoto, we had days of both rain and sunshine, and the buds burst open a little quicker than last year—bright green, healthy, and spectacular.

Now is the time to delight in this year’s new harvest of sencha, Shincha!

Available until mid-June, while supplies last.

A Collection of Teas for Mother’s Day

For Japan and countries around the world, Mother’s Day is a little under a month away. This year we prepare to celebrate our mothers on the 13th of May. In this special featured items page, we have prepared some suggestions that are sure to delight.

Our first recommendation is a tea set with three varieties, including matcha, hojicha, and genmaicha. These three are popular with most people that try them, even for the first time. In a nice gift box, this set makes for a quaint little Mother’s Day token of thanks.

Next, selections for the mother who loves matcha tea. Our popular Ummon-no-mukashi matcha variety, the year-round highest grade of our selection, delivers a thick, but sweet flavor that matcha fans adore. Or, if Mom loves matcha tea, but doesn’t have to right tools to try making it herself yet, we recommend our matcha starter kit, Hajime-no-Ippodo.

Perhaps Mom is always on the go? We recommend either the original Ippodo design travel flask, or the 30 bag assortment set of teabags for busy mothers.

Maybe Mom would rather relax at home with her tea? In that case, we recommend our classic Japanese teapot, Ivory Kyusu. The Ivory Kyusu teapot is lightweight and great for those who are new to Japanese brewing methods.

Whatever your choice, our top recommendation is to spend some time enjoying tea with Mom on this special occasion.

New on the Online Shop: Trial Size Packages

On the Online Shop Featured Items page, we have recently put together a new collection of small, trial size package items. For those looking to try different varieties of Japanese tea, these teas are great as a little extra something to add to your next tea purchase. They also make for simple gifts.

We have split our recommendations on the page into two categories. On the top, you will find teas for a delightful tea time or an indulgent “me time.” These teas, including a sencha, two gyokuros, and a matcha, all have a satisfying flavor that would stand on its own or pair well with something a little sweet.

On the second half of the list, you will find teas that we describe as refreshing. These teas all have a lighter, quaffable, and clean flavor. Here we have small sizes of our matcha-sugar blend (Uji-shimizu), roasted rice tea (genmaicha), roasted leaf tea (hojicha), and a variety set of teabags.

You can find the full list at the link below.

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