About Tea Sencha

Components of Sencha

Sharp & Refreshing, Rich in Vitamin C

The main water-soluble components of sencha are tannin, caffeine, theanine (an amino acid), and vitamin C.  Tannin is the source of the tea’s astringency, caffeine the source of its bitterness, and theanine the source of its flavor.  Compared with matchagyokuro and hojichasencha tends to be more astringent owing to its relatively higher concentration of tannin.  It is this “sharpness” of sencha that makes it ideal for refreshing the palate before and after a meal.

But the real noteworthy point about sencha component-wise lies with its vitamin C content. Of all the green teas, sencha has the highest concentration of vitamin C per unit weight. It is said that if you drink 4 to 5 cups of sencha per day, you can receive ½ of the recommended daily requirement of vitamin C. Of course, this will vary depending on the particular tea leaves and the way the tea is prepared. But suffice it to say that sencha is rich in vitamin C and all of its many benefits.

For more information about the components of sencha, please visit our Components page.

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