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Summer morning sencha

Summer morning sencha
It's summer, and most days we are brewing our hot tea in the morning, to enjoy before the heat of the day fully sets in. Sencha with breakfast is a good non-sugary option to change up your normal routine. Let us guide you through our daily sencha ritual.

TThe tea: Nichigetsu

The tea: Nichigetsu
The name Nichigetsu in Japanese means "Sun and moon," and we think this sencha is a great every day green tea. Its character is a little crisp and tannic, with just the right balance of sweetness. We love a little sharpness in the morning to help us wake up.

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The vessel: Glass Teapot

The vessel: Glass Teapot
We at Ippodo personally selected this vessel for its versatility. It can easily serve one to three people, brew any variety of tea, and even function as a pitcher. On non-fussy mornings, we use this teapot with a normal mug, pouring the tea directly into the mug when brewed.

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The recipe: sencha in a mug

The recipe: sencha in a mug
1. Prepare 8-10 oz. of boiled water.
2. Measure 2 Tbsp. (10 g) of sencha into the Glass Teapot.
3. Pour the boiling water into the teapot, and brew 30 seconds. On the Glass Teapot, the water should come up to the Ippodo logo on the side.
4. Pour the tea out through the mesh filter built into the lid. Pour out every drop, leaving no liquid left.
5. Enjoy your tea. For the second and third brew, pour on more hot water, and pour the tea out right away, with no brewing time.

The setting
With a light body and an eye-opening aroma, this green tea goes well with both sweet and savory breakfasts. Many mornings we pair a simple buttered toast and eggs with this tea. Tomatoes, hash browns, cheeses, and even bacon also have a certain savoriness to them that goes well with sencha.

Put the kettle on, whip up a quick breakfast, and sit down with some sencha to start off your morning.



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