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Our Banko-yaki Kyusu and recommended teas

Our Banko-yaki Kyusu and recommended teas
This kyusu teapot was made entirely by hand to our specifications, and it has become one of our most popular utensils.
If you are someone who has an eye for carefully crafted tools, and a taste for fine Japanese teas, you will surely enjoy using this kyusu for your everyday tea sessions.

Banko-yaki Kyusu

A teapot perfect for high grade sencha and gyokuro
The round, wide body of this kyusu is designed to allow a lot of space for delicate sencha and gyokuro tea leaves to expand while brewing. At the same time, the base has a taper, so the total volume is restricted. When brewing high quality sencha and gyokuro, it is important to choose a kyusu that is not too large, since the authentic rich flavor of these teas is best enjoyed in small quantities. This medium-small size is perfect for serving 1-4 people.

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Recommended teas
Sencha Kumpu
This sencha variety is crafted by our master blenders to have a rich, but not overpowering aftertaste. After pouring the last drop into your cup, open the lid of the kyusu to experience Kumpu's ''fragrant breeze''--which is the meaning of the name, Kumpu.

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Gyokuro Ippoen
Well-brewed gyokuro is hard to find even in Japan. One key tool to ensure a delicious brew is a proper kyusu built to emphasize this tea's delicate, long aftertaste. We relish every sustained drop of our Ippoen blend brewed in the Banko-yaki kyusu. This tea is popular among gyokuro fans for its clear and full umami character.

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