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New release: Obukucha

New release: Obukucha
Our popular Obukcha is now in-stock in stores and online. Our version of this traditional winter tea is a genmaicha made with higher grade yanagi green tea leaves. The result is a heartier, fuller-bodied version of genmaicha (green tea that is mixed with roasted rice). Serve this tea at holiday parties, or pour yourself a pot to relax after everyone has gone home.

The tradition of Obukucha is over 1000 years old, as the story goes. In the Heian era, a plague was sweeping Kyoto, and the people were devastated. A Buddhist monk had the idea to pass out a tea to the sick, who began to miraculously recover. The emperor took notice, and began his own tradition of drinking this Obukucha tea annually for good health. The name Obukucha actually means "Good Fortune Tea," and today this tea tradition is still enjoyed in Japan around New Year’s every year.

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