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New release: Special New Year's Matcha

Special New Year's Matcha now available!
2020 is Year of the Rat, and we have just released our New Year's matcha in preparation. This limited-edition tea is specially blended to enjoy at the end of the year and the start of the next, every winter. Unlike our other matchas, this blend's character changes each year that we release it, depending on the weather and other growing conditions.
A high-grade matcha, ranking between our regular Seiun blend and Ummon-no-mukashi, this year's New Year's matcha has an especially smooth character. Compared with other years, it has a round umami, a full-bodied aftertaste, and almost no astringency. Its aroma is exceptionally sweet, and its color is a vibrant sea-green.


We recommend preparing this hearty, soothing tea as koicha (thick matcha), on a cold winter day. Or, prepare a bowl of regular strength usucha using this smooth, drinkable matcha for a family member new to powdered green tea.
This tea is available with three different labels: Special New Year's Seiun (40g), Special New Year's Wakamatsu-no-mukashi (20g), and Ne-no-mukashi (20g)--the Year of the Rat design.

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