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Inspiration from Japanese New Year's traditions

Inspiration from Japanese New Year's traditions
Ever wonder why we at Ippodo release so many special teas this time of year? December and January are ripe with occasions for seeing family and acquaintances, smiling, and sitting together around the kotatsu (heated table). Tea plays a valuable role in bringing people together formally and informally at these occasions. Here is a peek into the important celebrations during this time of year.

Preparing for the start of a new year: Shogatsu Koto Hajime
Shogatsu Koto Hajime (which means "preparing for New Year's") is the term for a day of activities carried out to prepare for the busy start of the next year. This includes a deep cleaning and dusting of the house, and making various arrangements to be displayed in January, of pine-and-bamboo, rice cakes, and straw.

Tea Bowl with Serving Spout

After a day of cleaning and preparing for visitors, take a break with your helpers and a bowl of matcha whisked using a Matcha Bowl with a Spout. Whisk the tea in this bowl with a lip, and then pour into separate cups. Serve with a biscotti or chocolate for everyone.

> Tea Bowl with Serving Spout

Special New Year's Matcha

Welcoming in the new year: Shogatsu
The Japanese New Year--Shogatsu--is traditionally celebrated throughout the month of January with many different ceremonies. In the tea ceremony, the important first ceremony of the year is called Hatsu-gama. We specially release our New Year's Matcha in preparation for these tea ceremonies. (Though many customers drink it at home informally as well!)

> Special New Year's Matcha

Obukucha (Good Fortune Tea)

Outside of the tea ceremony, almost everyone will travel back to their hometown to spend the first days of the month with their parents and close family members. You can think of it as similar to Christmas celebrations in the Western world--there is lots of food to eat and plenty of time sitting around with family.

Experience the joys of tea with your family or guests in January with a pot of Obukucha--our genmaicha green tea with rice blend released specially in winter for such occasions.

> Obukucha (Good Fortune Tea)


We wish you a safe and restorative time with others during all of your celebrations at the end of this year and the start of the next.

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