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How to brew light-bodied Japanese tea

Asked and Answered: How do I brew a light-bodied cup of Japanese tea?
The beauty of Japanese tea is that you can adjust its character dramatically, simply by changing your brewing method. Fixing a light-brew cup of green tea is as easy as adjusting the right brewing variables.

Standard - Ippodo's Recommended Brew
In Japan, tea (and coffee!) is often prepared in a small batch, with a rich, deeply fulfilling character in small sips. Try this standard brew to understand how Japanese tea is savored every day in Japan.
This is the standard Ippodo sencha recipe, using our popular Hosen blend:

> Sencha- Hosen

standard Ippodo sencha recipe

Light Brew
But what about occasions where we want to drink tea with a quaffable, light character? Something to sip at your desk, with a meal, even after a workout: tea for these occasions is aromatic, refreshing, and thirst-quenching.

To begin experimenting with a lighter brew, we suggest first just reducing the amount of tea leaves. For loose leaf green teas like sencha and gyokuro, you can start by trying the same brewing instructions with 1 tablespoon (5 grams) of tea leaves instead of the standard 2 tablespoons (10 grams). Keep all of the other variables the same!
For sencha, here is that recipe:

Light Brew Sencha
- Measure 1 Tablespoon (5 grams) of tea leaves into your teapot.
- Add around 210 ml of 80℃ water to the pot.
- Brew for 60 seconds.
- Pour the tea into cups, making sure to pour out every last drop.


Recommended teapot: Banko-yaki Kyusu

Recommended teapot: Banko-yaki Kyusu
A teapot crafted to make adjusting your brew simple.

Recipes are a starting point for finding your favorite brew. Adjust the four brewing variables (amount of tea leaf, amount of water, water temperature, and brewing time), take notes, and experiment. All our teas are meticulously blended in-house so that they are always consistent--good for finding the precise character you like the best.

Looking to explore some of the other different characters found in Japanese teas? Try these recommended teas as a starting point.

> Gyokuro- Kanro

> Matcha- Sayaka-no-mukashi

> Hojicha (Roasted Tea)

> Banko-yaki Kyusu Teapot


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