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Shincha 2020 is now in stock!

Shincha 2020 is now in stock!
We are excited to announce the arrival of Shincha 2020 on our online shop. Shincha is the name of our special sencha tea released right after harvest. This powerful, fresh character tea is different from our year-round selection of sencha. Every year we are excited to try this tea's unique character, which changes depending on the harvest conditions in the Uji region.

Overall, this year's Shincha is energetic and snappy, a classic Shincha that is sure to please our longtime fans. New tea drinkers will love its balanced character and its accessible, light astringency. Tea connoisseurs will delight in its layers of complexity and nuance that change with each steeping.

Compared to other years, this year is an especially well-balanced tea, with proportionate umami and astringency. It is more mellow and full-bodied, with heartier umami and crisp astringency. This Shincha can be re-steeped many times and is delicious hot or iced.

This tea is only available while supplies last, for a few months in early summer.

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